Silent Love – A Cute Love Story | VR3 Films

Written by Art Make In India

A silent short film produced by VR3 Films

Its a homage remake concept is taken from so many different Youtube Videos.

Main Cast:
Finn Fernandes (Cory)
Sujata Shrestha (Alice)

Supporting Cast:
Gurpadam Luther
Sushila Rijal
Sylvester Sng

Directed by:
Ketan Kumawat
Miten Raichura

Cinematographers :
Miten Raichura
Sylvester Sng

Edited/VFX by:
Ketan Kumawat

Assistant Editor/VFX:
Sylvester Sng

Story idea by:
Gurpadam & Aashka

Music Credits:
music by longzijun.
You can find a download link at

Special Thanks To:
Gitu Chettri
Abhishek Bose
Yogesh Sharma
Raj Goswami


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