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Written by Shilpa Sharma

120 Artist of Mumbai were brought together by the team of “Art Make In India” at Bhayander on 22nd October,2018.

These artist were given a platform to receive the government facility of Artisan Card, and bring awareness to them of its benefits.

Chief guests that attended the event are MLA Shri Narendra Mehta, Mayor Smt. Dimple Mehta, Mr.Karni Charan, Mr.Krishan Chandra of Export department, Artist Shillpa Shama, Women’s activist Mrs.Sanju Rathi and Mrs.Ashu Khandelwal, Sr.Rajendra Singh and his assistant Ashish sir from DC handicraft department, Artist Manoj Das and Sadashiv Kulkarni among others.

Light was thrown onto the importance of Handicraft industry in India and how to promote this industry for the maximum benefit of Artists. As everyone knows, people prefer China products over Indian so, an effort is made to maximize the selling of Indian handmade products over machine-made imported goods.

Artisan card which is a government card for artisans serves as an identity for them and gives various benefits to its holders like quick loan for expansion of business, government assistance in setting up exhibitions, easy availability of tools and others.

Art Make In India foundation also offered its membership to the artists and took it upon them to sell their products on their website www.artmakeinindia.in

An initiative is taken to give a new direction for commerce of handicraft products and bring spark and new gifting ideas in the markets and we hope the same is effected too.





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Shilpa Sharma

ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION is a Non profitable organization whose focus is to strengthen the Indian artisans and help them elevate Indian culture and heritage by increasing the Indian handicraft products. We give a platform to the artisans to sell their products all over India and worldwide along with various services like payment services, packing services, shipping services, etc. which are provided to them free of cost. The founder of the company Mrs. Shilpa Sharma is an artist herself and has been in this field for the past 22 years and has known the struggles faced by various artists. She took the initiative to aid the artisans in the form of this company and strongly believes that the art of the country should be promoted worldwide.

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