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An Artist Tyeb Mehta


Credited for triggering an interest towards Indian art among contemporary local and international art lovers, Tyeb Mehta is one of the most famous Indian artists of the post-colonial generation. Like his contemporaries, Mehta was part of the post-independence partition that saw the bludgeoning of many innocent individuals. Naturally, Mehta went on to incorporate this disturbing event into his works. Since he was part of the famous Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group, his ideals were similar to that of other famous artists from the group. He was also known for his signature style, the diagonal series, which he invented accidentally. Though Tyeb Mehta could be remembered for a host of achievements, he is unsurprisingly remembered as one of the priciest Indian artists ever. Some of his works have been sold for millions of rupees at various auctions. Tyeb Mehta was a recipient of many prestigious awards including Kalidas Samman and Padma Bhushan.

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