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An Artist Najmul Hayat

Wooden handicrafts date back to one of the oldest handicrafts in the Indian history of handicraft.

Indian Handicraft industry serves an important role in the development of economy of the rural masses and earns substantial foreign exchange. The major handicraft hubs in India are Moradabad, Jaipur, Saharanpur, Jodhpur and Narsapur. Collectively, Handicraft industry employed (directly and indirectly) about 1 million people. Handicrafts Exporters from India have an edge against its competitors like China, Philippines, etc. who generally produce machine-made products whereas Indian handmade products are more popular all over the world, courtesy, their exclusive designs and talented workmanship

In the city of Moradabad, promoting Wooden Handicraft lies Hayat Impex.

Najmul Hayat, the founder of Hayat Impex started his journey with no experience in the handicraft industry but a love for the Indian art and craft.

He is now a manufacturer of wooden and metal handicrafts. Though he remains unaware about the subsidies provided by the government like most of the population is, he is promoting his business as much as possible to reach the hearts of the handicraft lovers of our country.

The location of the business is very advantageous as it a major handicraft hub of the country and attracts all tourists and foreign buyers. But as the handicraft industry sees a declination it is difficult just to rely on offline business. And so, majority of the artists have opted to promote their business online on various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and reselling to other vendors.

We hope that Hayat Impex reaches the aspired success and continues to come up with other innovative ideas to expand their business.

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