बड़ी ख़बर-इधर पीएम मोदी फ़्रांस के राष्ट्रपति के साथ बनारस घुम रहे थे तभी हुआ कुछ ऐसा कि फ़ैल गयी ये

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These days France’s President Immanuel Macrocon is coming to India with his wife. PM Modi has been spending time with them for some time. Let the PM Modi and the President of France arrive in Varanasi on Monday morning. He went to Mirzapur from the airport and inaugurated the solar power plant. From there, back to Varanasi handicraft complexes. When PM Modi arrived with his foreign guest, he was welcomed by the sound of the clarinet on the threshold of Tabla. Today PM Modi is visiting Benaras with the French President. Here PM Modi was roaming along with the President of France, when it happened that something bad happened, knowing that you can not even know the shock accident, it just happens. There are many such accidents in the world that we do not know. When there is a big accident, she does not know the life of many people. One such incident has happened in Nepal. The news of the plane crash has been reported at an airport in Nepal, for information, that the incident is from Nepal’s Kathmandu International Airport. Where a plane crashed on. These aircraft were from Bangladesh’s US-Bangladeshi Airlines. According to the news of the Kathmandu Post, the plane has fallen into the eastern part of Tribhuvan International Airport. A spokesperson of the airport said that many people are feared to be injured in this accident, and there is also a possibility of heavy losses. A total of 78 passengers were sitting in the plane, some photos of this accident are becoming viral on social media, and it can be seen that there is a lot of smoke rising on the runway of the airport. This seems to be happening that perhaps due to some technical problem, this accident happened. Tell us that Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Suresh Acharya said that 17 injured passengers have been rescued and sent to hospitals for treatment. is. The army of Nepal is also involved in the rescue of stranded passengers. According to the spokesman, during landing, the plane bent towards the runway and crashed into nearby football grounds. Please tell us that the plane was coming from Khedmandu to Dhaka. We will pray that all the passengers are safe


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